We felt inspired to share the joys and delights of healthy eating, & the delicious tried and tested recipes that we have created over the years with others.

We cater for retreats and events* and also offer creative, fun and practical workshops, teaching children and adults how to make delicious healthy foods for themselves. (Please see the Workshop page for more details).

We specialise in nutrient rich recipes and cater for a whole range of dietary requirements and preferences, such as gluten free, vegan, sugar free, paleo, low carb. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The most powerful and effective path to health that we have found is in gluten free, dairy free & sugar free whole foods and Superfoods. These seem to have the most impact on improving health and emotional well being.

After so often feeling deprived of choices when eating out with friends and family- where dietary preferences are not catered for, we began to empathise with others who share dietary restrictions and choices like ours.

We endeavoured to create delicious recipes that taste like “the real thing” & we discovered that the REAL ‘real thing’ straight from natures table, tastes better than anything else, with many hidden health benefits!.…

*(If you would like to find out more about catering services please contact us with your enquiry)